June 2020 “TRIBBLE TROUBLES” coming to the Nintendo Switch! Tribbles on the Switch? Yes please! We’re thrilled to announce that “Tribble Troubles” will also be released for the Nintendo Switch! We’ve always believed that the game would be a natural fit for the Switch and we’re happy to say that Nintendo agrees! May 2020 “TRIBBLE TROUBLES” demo now available! Available on Steam or Ready to try out the game? Well, here’s your chance! You can download a free demo version of the game on Steam or on Itch.Io now! You’ll get to experience the underground portion of the game. March 2020 “TRIBBLE TROUBLES” on Steam! It can now be wishlisted. Wishlist it now here! The game won’t be available until July but you can help show your support for “Tribble Troubles” by wishlisting it on Steam. It doesn’t cost anything and you’re not committed to buying the game when it’s out. But it’ll let you know when it’s available on Steam either as an early access option and when the finished game is released. Announcing “TRIBBLE TROUBLES” Coming this July, the world’s first videogame starring Tribbles from “Star Trek!” Here’s your chance to play as the world’s favorite purring balls of fur: Tribbles! You get caught on a ship doing what a Tribble does… eating all of their Quadrotriticale. And the Captain, in a fit of rage, beams you into the center of a nearby planet whose molten lava core is rising! It’s up to you to jump, climb and squish your way to safety as you face off against countless obstacles and treacherous enemies. “Tribble Troubles” will be coming out in July for Xbox, Steam and Mobile. You can visit the “Tribble Troubles” web page to find out more. In the meantime, check out the brand new gameplay trailer.