Awwww, frack this! I’m sick and tired of being treated like a second class Cylon!

"Oh Centurian, we want you to carry these crates. We want you to go plant a tree. We want you to charge into that valley on an obvious suicide mission while we watch from a safe distance."

So, tell me. When's the last time you saw Brother Cavil lugging one of these crates around? Huh?

Can you see a Number Six, in her high heels, field stripping a ground to air rocket launcher while under heavy fire?!?!?

"Oh, I can't do that! I might break a nail or something." Talk about fracking fragile!

I mean it takes at least, what? 10? 11 good shots, straight to the chest before you bring one of us down. Oh, that's right! They have to shoot us in the head now. I keep forgetting that part.

And you, Twitchy, take your finger off the frackin' zoom and try switching to decaf!

You know what? I feel better. Yeah. Beginning now, I am my own Cylon. And if they don't like it... well then just shoot me!

Ahhh Felgercarb.


You know, he did have a point… nevermind.

Hey, what's a felgercarb?


Centurion. We have a clean up on isle 4. Cleanup on isle 4.






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